(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. atmosphere (See air); mien, bearing, appearance; tune, melody (See music). —v. t. ventilate (See air); proclaim, broadcast (See publication).
Earth's atmosphere
1. (atmosphere) air, atmosphere, ether, ozone, thin air; ventilation, fresh or open air; sky, welkin, blue sky; oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, etc. See vapor.
2. (layers of atmosphere) troposphere, tropopause, layer, ozone layer, chemosphere, stratosphere, thermosphere, troposphere, [Kennelly]Heaviside layer, ionosphere, exosphere, magnetosphere, mesosphere, Van Allen or radiation belt.
3. (air passage) airpipe, air shaft, airway; funnel, vent, tube, flue, chimney, ventilator; nose, nostril, nozzle, blowhole; windpipe, spiracle, larynx, throat; pipe. See passage.
4. [cross-]ventilation, airing, cooling, air-conditioning; ventilator, air conditioner, heat pump, fan.
5. (meteorology) weather, the elements, climate, rise and fall of the barometer; weather map, isobar, isotherm, high or low pressure, cold, warm or stationary front; aerology, meteorology, climatology; aneroid barometer, baroscope; good, bad, rainy, etc. weather. See water, wind.
6.meteorologist, climatologist; weatherman or -woman, weather forecaster; weather report or forecast; weather bureau or station; barometer, weatherglass, hygrometer; weather balloon or satellite; weather vane.
Verbs — air, [cross]ventilate, fan, air-condition; aerate. See wind, refreshment.
1. (of the air) airy, pneumatic; open-air, al fresco; windy (See wind).
2. (of the weather) atmospheric, airy, aerial, aeriform; meteorological, climatic, barometric, isobaric, isothermic.
Adverbs — outdoors, al fresco.
Quotations — This most excellent canopy, the air (Shakespeare).
Antonyms, See land, water.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [The gaseous envelope of the earth]
Syn. atmosphere, stratosphere, troposphere, wind, breeze, draft, breath, fresh air, the open air, ozone, ether, sky, space, oxygen, the open, ventilation, the out of doors.
2. [The apparent quality]
Syn. look, mien, demeanor, atmosphere; see appearance 1 , character 1 .
3. [A tune]
Syn. theme, melody, strain; see melody 2 , song , tune .
See Synonym Study at melody .
in the air,
Syn. prevalent, abroad, current, in circulation; see fashionable , popular 3 .
off the air,
Syn. not broadcasting, not being broadcast, closed, signed off; see quiet 2 .
on the air,
Syn. broadcasting, transmitting, reporting, going on, televising, in progress, speaking, performing, telecasting, being telecast, live.
up in the air,
4. [Not certain]
Syn. undecided, unsettled, unsure; see uncertain 2 .
5. [Agitated]
Syn. angry, excited, annoyed; see angry , excited .
walk on air,
Syn. feel good, feel happy, be exultant, be lively; see enjoy oneself , exult .
1. [To introduce air]
Syn. ventilate, open, freshen, aerate, air out, air-condition, circulate air, change the air, expel air, eject air, aerify, expose to air, draw in air, fan, refresh, cool, purify, oxygenate, revivify.
Ant. close*, keep in, stifle.
2. [To expose to the air]
Syn. expose, hang out, sun, dry, spread (out).
3. [To speak publicly; often derogatory ]
Syn. express, proclaim, vent; see advertise 1 , display 1 , utter .
4. [To broadcast]
Syn. put on the air, transmit, televise; see broadcast 2 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
1. gas, atmosphere, oxygen, nitrogen, ozone, sky, aerospace.
2. bearing manner, attitude, deportment, appearance, aura.
3. affectation pose, posture, pretense, manner, haughtiness. see atmosphere, wind
1. aerate ventilate, let out, expose, dry, cool, freshen.
2. announce publicly publicize, confess, profess.
3. broadcast transmit, televise.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I noun 1. The gaseous mixture enveloping the earth: atmosphere. See HIGH, PLACE. 2. The celestial regions as seen from the earth: firmament, heaven (often used in plural), sky. Archaic: welkin. See HIGH. 3. A natural movement or current of air: blast, blow1, breeze, gust, wind1, zephyr. Archaic: gale. See BREATH. 4. A general impression produced by a predominant quality or characteristic: ambiance, atmosphere, aura, feel, feeling, mood, smell, tone. See BE. 5. Behavior through which one reveals one's personality: address, bearing, demeanor, manner, mien, presence, style. Archaic: port. See BE, STYLE. 6. Artificial behavior adopted to impress others. Used in plural: affectation, affectedness, mannerism, pose, pretense. See HONEST, TRUE. 7. A pleasing succession of musical tones forming a usually brief aesthetic unit: aria, melody, strain2, tune. Obsolete: note. See SOUNDS. II verb 1. To expose to circulating air: aerate, ventilate, wind1. See BREATH, OPEN. 2. To utter publicly: express, put, state, vent, ventilate. Idiom: come out with. See SHOW, WORDS.

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